Solar Power Consultants

Daisy Energy provides full Solar PV feasibility assessments. A simulated design is created of the optimal size of the Solar plant, calculated projected cash flows and the return on investment, or payback in years.

  • Analysis of electricity bills
  • Simulation and costing of the custom solar design
  • Optimal size of the solar plant
  • Projected long-term Cash flows involved in the project
  • Projected savings from year 1-25
  • Projected return on investment
  • Project finance structures and gearing
  • Building a financial model based on the bills and the yield of the design
  • Building a strategic energy management plan
  • Performing a site consultation

Turn-key Solar Power & Energy Solutions

Daisy Energy provides turn-key, holistic solar power solutions. Furthermore, we provide advisory services in areas such as efficient LED lighting, and financing solutions.

The benefits of the Solar PV are the following:

  • Reduce your electricity by 10-70%
  • Become more grid independent
  • Mitigate your exposure to inflated Eskom tariffs
  • Become more green and sustainable