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Inefficient Energy Usage Reduces Profits

Operational costs are something which every business has to factor in. And in most cases, these running costs can’t be avoided or optimised, such as buying stock or paying salaries.

One of the biggest overheads for any business is energy consumption. Is your business energy efficient? Is your business taking every precaution to ensure that your operational overheads are as lean as they can be?

Invest in a Holistic Energy Solution That Reduces Your Running Costs & Maximises Profits

Every business has different needs. Not every business will benefit from Solar, and not every business will benefit from retrofitted lighting. Daisy Energy will do a full energy audit of your business – analysing your electricity bills, lighting efficiency and energy consumption to determine exactly how much you could be saving each month with optimised energy infrastructure. We look at these 3 areas in your business:

LED Lighting

Daisy Energy conducts a comprehensive audit of existing lighting. This provides insight into lighting requirements and budget. A detailed report is prepared that provides retrofit suggestions based on lighting safety requirements as well as reducing energy consumption.

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Daisy Energy provides full solar feasibility assessments, using GPS and electricity bills, which assists in understanding each client’s issues and inefficiencies. From there an accurate project plan can be created which includes optimal size of the solar plant, projected cash flows and return on investment.

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Backup Power

Daisy Energy provides a full turnkey backup power solution with one point of contact from procurement to installation to maintenance. Solutions are custom built to suit the customer’s needs from sizing and design to financing the solution.

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Completed Projects

2MW Generator Sync Project

Rugani Juice


Hear From Our Clients That Saved Money


We appointed Daisy Energy to install a 92kw system at our factory, the installation was done professionally and we are extremely happy with the quality of the workmanship and commitment to the project.

Grant Povan

Member of  VEB M.E.
4. RWW

Daisy Energy installed a 25kW grid connected solar system at our factory in Laser Park. Their team and installation was of excellent quality and the installation went off without any problems whatsoever. The equipment is fully functional 1 year later and providing significant savings on the electricity account.

Kyle Lass

Technical Director
3. Eureka

Daisy Energy has done 4 large scale projects for the Eureka DIY company, they range from PV systems to back up power supply, and we are happy that all the projects have performed to plan or slightly better than predicted.

Ken Gray

Project Facility Engineer

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