Solar – FAQ’s

How do solar panels work?

The solar panel is made up out of cells, typically 60, or 72 or the new 144 half-cell modules. The photoelectric effect is the underlying physical principle which is the ability of matter to emit electrons when a light is shone on it, and the electricity that flows based on this effect.

What is the lifespan of a solar plant?

The different components have lifespans from 10 years for the inverter to 25 years for the Solar PV modules.

How will the solar panels be mounted?

This can be ground mounted, carport or roof mounted.

Are solar panels difficult to maintain?

Solar panels are made from very durable 3.2 – 4mm tempered glass and require washing at least once a year, just with water, no soap.

What happens when my solar plant gets struck by lightning?

Daisy Energy does full Lighting Risk Assessment reports to ensure we mitigate this risk as much as possible.

How much will I really save on my electricity bills every month?

This will depend on your load profile and self-consumption ratio. For every kWh of solar power, there is the potential to save a kWh of grid power if the load is there to consume the power. A detailed calculation is required to determine the exact amount by subtracting your estimated yearly load profile from the solar plant performance, to determine what is pulled from the grid.

How can I sell electricity back into the Grid with my solar plant?

This is possible in some municipalities but there is an additional cost to change the metering and monthly cost to be able to do this.

Has the price of solar come down over the last 3 years?

Yes, prices have come down from R8 per Watt to R6 per Watt, taking ZAR15/USD as the exchange rate.

Will installing solar panels damage my roof?

If your roof is old and in poor condition, meaning that damage is caused by carefully walking on it, then some cosmetic damage will be caused. If the roof is new and of good quality, then no damage will be caused. Once Daisy Energy gets the go-ahead to construct the plant, a structural engineer is consulted to approve to structural integrity of the roof.

When the grid goes down, will my solar plant be able to continue functioning?

If your system is grid tied only, then NO, but if it has batteries and a grid forming inverter, then YES.

Can I connect my generator to the solar plant to reduce my diesel consumption?

Yes, we called this a PV/Gen Hybrid solution and requires additional infrastructure to make this happen.

Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy, rainy, or snowy days?

During typical “black sky” days with rain, the solar panels will only produce in the region of 10 – 20% of the expected daily yield of a typical day of that time of the year.

How much roof space will I need for solar?

Typically, between 7 – 10m2 per kWp DC of Solar panels. 3 Solar panels of 333W cover 6m2 so a minimum space of 6m2 is required for 1000 Watts..

What size solar system should I get?

We work on a grid tied system that will provide 1/3 of the average consumption.

Will I qualify for tax credits, rebates, or incentives to help lower the cost of switching to solar?

In principle, only businesses and not individuals can get tax rebates, provided that the business is making a profit, the customer can depreciate the full value of the solar plant in the first year.

How much will solar panel maintenance cost?

Between 1 – 2% / year of the purchase price of the system is a good estimate.

What is the average return on investment for a grid-tied solar plant?

In the region of 3 – 5 years for a commercial sized Solar PV system, this depends on a couple of factors namely the tariff applicable to your business, the size of the solar plant and the efficiency of the design.

Generator – FAQ’s

What options do I have, should I not have the capital for a generator solution?

We offer a rental solution which can be done over a 3- or 5-year basis.

Are the generators we offer diesel or petrol?

All our generators are diesel fuel operated.

How often should I maintain my generator?

A service is recommended once a year or every 150 hours depending on which occurs first

How loud is the generator solution and can I reduce this?

On average around 80 DB at 7 metres, you can make your generator more silent at an additional cost.

Does the generator start automatically?

All our generators are manufactured to start automatically unless otherwise requested.

Do we offer a small 5 kVA Generator for a home solution?

No, we only supply from 15KVA upwards.

How can I monitor my generator remotely?

We offer a Webnet interface on request allowing you to have full control and monitoring of your generator remotely.

Where is the generator manufactured?

Engines and alternators are imported, and all generators sets are manufactured locally.

Can the generator sit outside?

Our generators are built to industrial specification and are suitable for outdoor use.