Solution Overview

Aluminium casting is an extremely intricate process that relies on a stable power supply. When the power failures occur, the batch becomes un-useable, the pots run the risk of cracking and have to be cleaned out requiring heavy labour. The generator alleviated all the downtime as well as replacement costs.

Installation Date 2017
Location Roodepoort
Installation Duration 8 weeks
Client Goal Reduce reliance on national grid

Project Info

System Size
  • Phase 1 – 136.7 kWp
  • Phase 2 – 327 kWp
  • Phase 3 – 220 kWp
Inverters Used Huawei
Annual kWh \ kWp \ Year 1606.9
Installation Type Commercial Grid-Tied
Eureka Generators
Installation Type 1000 kVA Backup System
Components 2 x 500 kVA Perkins Generators synchronised